Kitten CC’ed 2.

So, I made it. Literally woke and started making this. This video was really fun to make not only because of the stylish cinematography but also because I made the soundtrack using my limited logic pro 9 skills. I feel more proud of the video because all of it is my work. Originally I wanted this to have a mix of normal shots and slow motion shots but the shots I have aren’t the best and I would like to get better ones with a tripod maybe. I going home for Easter and I will be using my camera a lot during that time because I’m making a documentary, so I will squeeze in some cat time 😉 I will hopefully make a more developed version of the soundtrack for kitten cc’ed 3 once I learn a bit more about logic.

Just some general info about the video and equipment used for those who will ask. I used a Canon 550d (T2i) with a 50mm f/1.8 lens and I shot in both 1280×720 @ 59.94 fps and 1920×1080 @ 29.97 fps.

I hope you enjoyed leave feedback on either YouTube [] or Vimeo [] because I know not many people will have WordPress accounts to leave feedback here.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed and part 3 after I do my documentary!


KITTEN CC’ed 2 from Emil Nweje on Vimeo.


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